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Welcome to Scrubby Duds Laundry, home of the best Kenosha Uniform Cleaning! Here, we are a full-service laundromat company that will not only wash and dry your clothes but also fold them as well! If you would like someone to take washing uniforms off your to-do list of chores, look no further!

We offer a range of services that will fit your business’s specific needs. Located locally — right next to the Kenosha Kingfish Ballfield — we’ve helped numerous businesses with their Kenosha Uniform Cleaning!

Uniform Cleaning

Scrubby Duds Will Take Care of Your Uniform Cleaning

When it comes to finding a reliable and local company to take care of your Kenosha Uniform Cleaning, the team at Scrubby Duds Laundry can service you with everything you need! Here at Scrubby Duds, we know how it can be when uniform cleaning. It can be such a hassle and stressful process, especially for large businesses with more uniforms. That’s why we offer wash and fold services that are guaranteed to save you time, and money, and we cannot forget the headaches!

When you need uniform cleaning, you can always be sure that Scrubby Duds is the place for you.  Get in touch with our team today for more information on rates. Do not forget to use our scheduling function to schedule your laundry service ahead of time, for us to ensure quick service is at the ready.

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